Q: Do you require a deposit for your services?

A: For Wedding Photography yes. Because most weddings fall on Saturdays during the summer, our availability is limited giving value to these dates. A $300 deposit (includes H.S.T) fee ensures our services are reserved for your event. If you are serious about wanting TLC Photo to cover your wedding, it is recommended booking us early rather than later since summer Saturdays tend to become reserved faster. A standard service contract is to be signed as well.
For all other packages besides wedding, a $60 non-refundable deposit is required.

Q: Do I have to pay tax on your products and services?

A: H.S.T charges apply to photography services and products.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We currently accept all major credit cards, cash, cheque, INTERAC ® Email Money Transfer and PayPal. Wedding packages can be broken up into installment payments. We also provide gift cards that can be purchased through PayPal.

Q: What is the difference between "wedding portraits" and "wedding candids"?

A: Portraits are photos that are directed, or posed with a creative vision in mind. More specifically, they are traditionally done in a controlled setting either before or after the wedding ceremony. Apart from these, candids are taken throughout the rest of the day which help document the natural flow of the day. Key moments such as "the kiss", "exchange of the rings" and "1st dance" fall under the category of candid photographs.

Q: Wedding: which digital images come with my photo disc?

A: There are two answers to this question. Print Packages: Full resolution images of all candids are included as well. As for portraits, "facebook-sized" digitals are included which include a light watermark. For ordering purposes, 4x6 prints of all portraits are included which also contain a light watermark. This applies to portraits from the engagement session as well.

Digital Packages: Full resolution images of all candids and all portraits are included. This applies to portraits from the engagement session as well.

For a further illustration of this you may click here.

Q: Will a second photographer be taking pictures at the wedding?

A: In order to keep prices as low as possible (a main feature which my clients love to begin with!) I am currently priced without a secondary photographer. If you wish for a second photographer to take other pictures so that you have enhanced coverage (different angles, more candids, for example) the fee is an additional $500 which is added to the wedding package of your choice.

Q: How extensive is editing done over all of the wedding images?

All of the photos are edited to some extent. For weddings, I typically shoot about 2000 photos, a high percent of those being repeat photos (to help sift out eye blinks or less favourable expressions, for example) which narrows that number down to about 500-600 images. (It's frustrating having to chose to print between two or three images that are nearly identical thus I try to ensure each image you receive is unique in their own right) Of those images, 100% of these are edited once with Adobe Lightroom, and about 20-30% are then edited through Adobe Photoshop - these mostly comprising from the portrait session and of course any edits required from the candids portion of the day (obvious and distracting skin blemishes for example). Regarding editng for style, I aim for natural, true to life correction for all photos. There are times when images need a more surreal look to them - maybe the bride's dress is vintage in appearance, same with the groom's suit - I will want to apply a slight toning to the images to match the feel of the photos. Nothing drastic but enough to enhance the feel of the photos. I apply these stylistic touches to any images that it applies to - whether portrait or candid. But not all, not where it isn't necessary (i.e. reception speeches typically do not receive these kind of treatments, for example)

Q: Will my photos contain a watermark?

A: This answer pertains to Print Packages only (not the Digital Packages)
The photojournalistic photos, or candids, that tell the story of your day will not contain any watermarks of any kind. When you receive your portrait proof book, however, they will be printed with a faint watermark. A slideshow gallery of these portrait proofs will also be accessible through our online order form which will also be protected with a light watermark bearing the TLC logo. Lastly, engagement 4x6 proofs will contain the same noticeable watermark as well.

Watermark Demo

Q: How late do you stay to take pictures at a wedding reception?

A: 10:30p.m.. I ensure that important key photographs such as the cake cutting, the bouquet toss and the garder toss are taken before leaving.

Q: Exactly how much do you pose your subjects?

A: Not everybody likes being posed. I understand. Unfortunately, a certain degree of posing is required to achieve the best results for any given portrait set up. The good news is that most of us already have a little background in being posed from portraits - whether it involves keeping good posture, tilting the head slightly and smiling - for the highschool yearbook - or holding hands and embracing for couple shots. When shooting engagement or wedding couple photos, I always remind my subjects to act as if they are in their own moment and I'm not there. Most of us aren't experienced models - but being yourselves is a sure way to get across your purest personality through the lens. Capturing subjects in action is the best way for people to reveal their natural sides and ensuring that nobody looks too stiff.

All in all, sessions yield an excellent mixture of expressions - from fun and playful all the way to relaxed and intimate.

Q: Can I purchase all of the digital files from my portrait session?

A: Yes. If you have purchased a print package and later decide you would like to buy the full resolution digital images without watermaks, you may for a set fee of $1212.00. As a token of thanks for your purchase, you will receive all of the full resolution digital images from your engagement session as well. (only those images that have been edited and presented to you in your proofs - not the rejected photos that did not make the final cut)

Q: Can I purchase all of the digital negatives (.DNG/.CR2 or RAW files) from my photo package?

A: No. All photos, from simple candids to conceptualized portraits, stem from a creative vision and are fully realized after they are fully edited/processed in post. RAW files are are considered incomplete works and could be used to mis-represent the higher standard that must be maintained by our business.

Q: Roughly how many wedding pictures will I receive?

A: For full day coverage (9:30a.m. to 10:30p.m.) I deliver anywhere from 750 to 900 photos. I basically discard photos that appear nearly identical or are unflattering in some regard. Some photos may appear very similar at first glance, but often things like facial expressions can vary from one photo to the next. I try to provide my clients with the opportunity to sift through these varied options so that THEY can decide which they like the best.

Q: How long after my wedding day will I receive my photographs?

A: Our goal is to have them done before one month. Our summer workload is greater during these months - thus, the wait can be greater than during other seasons. Within the winter, you can expect to have your wedding photos completed between 1-2 weeks.
After having spent countless hours poring over your photos to the fullest of care, our excitement to reveal them to you is probably just as great as yours will be to receive them. Rest assured, we're devoting all of our energy to have them completed as soon as we can. But again, our goal in mind is to have them done before one month.

Q: My parents are out of town and they'd like to order photos too. How can we do this?

A: You can share your access to our online order form where they can view individual portraits and their corresponding file-names. After taking note of the filenames of portraits that they would like to purchase, they are to fill out the form and leave their name and address in the message box located before the submit button. Some time, after their order has been submitted, an invoice with their total cost will be emailed back to them. This will include shipping costs. Electronic payment methods should be transferred at this point. After payment has cleared, the order for their prints will be processed and eventually mailed to their address via Canada Post, standard priority mail.

Q: Do you have a studio?

A: Yes, we have a small studio which can accommodate group or sittings for headshots. I also provide studio space as a backup alternative for wedding portraits if it is raining.

Q: How long have you been doing this for?

A: I received my initial training as a student in Fall, 2011. I focused on Graphic Design for a few years. I then began taking paid jobs for photography in 2007. TLC Photography was officially registered as a business January 2009.

Q: What measures do you take to secure our images?

A: Redundancy in all things. Whether it is a camera, a lens, lighting, a computer, or the hard-drive on which images reside - we have backups in twos and even threes of most equipment to ensure that no part of the photographic process is compromised while maintaining better protection of your photos.

Our building is secured with a motion detecting alarm system. Our computers run on sophisticated batteries for protection against electrical surges or power brown-outs.

Backups of images are duplicated on multiple hard drives and blu-ray disc and stored in a fire-proof safe. Equipment is also locked away overnight.

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