About Us

I, Jonathan Carlson, began TLC Photography early 2009 simply because I love photography and I wanted to pursue it to my fullest potential. I operate this small business from our home in the quiet community of Falconbridge in the Greater District of Sudbury. We are a full time operation - I focus a main portion of my energy operating the business from my studio and office with the help of my wife, Tonya. In the warmer seasons I am working on location to photograph an average of 15-25 weddings per year. We keep a low profile within our market so that we aren't over-stretched. This allows us to focus on maintaining our high standards for quality and professional service. We believe strongly in our name as it is important to us that we continue to provide affordable photography to people that share the same love for beautiful, artistically portrayed photographed memories. We are a humble operation in that most of what we make is invested directly into the business. This ensures that we are using the most competent, secure and reliable equipment setup. It's peace of mind for your investment - delivering a top of the class product without any hitches is our top priority!

On a seperate note, the name TLC extends a little further and very close to home for me; observe my wife and son's initials - Tonya Lee Carlson and Tristan Leonard Carlson. ;)