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The horse thing is an inside joke obviously. Craziest wedding party shot I'VE ever shot. :)

Flower Sabers - Awesome!

The guys being hilarious again!


Ashley+Phil, Wedding


Megan+Hernando, Wedding

It's been a while since I've posted any photos from my recent weddings. Like most people, life's been busy. Putting together one of these blog posts are time consuming, and staying up until 1am tonight is about the only the way I'm going to be able to post photos from this most recent wedding. And it doesn't help that I just had too many favorites to choose! Just about everything about this wedding (apart from the killer heat!) was perfect. The ceremony location was beautiful. The family and wedding party were so kind and cooperative. There was AMPLE time to photograph all of the formals (three hours pre-ceremony!!). And the couple? Where do I begin? Megan is a sweetheart - and her big heart is so clear by her smile and her eyes. Hernando is just the same, and the pride he has for his new wife shines brightly. They are both confident in front of the camera as well - so you put this all together and you have the easiest job a photographer can ask for. I take little credit for the beautiful images they made. Let's just say I did the technical stuff! LOL

Just a note about the following photos - I wanted to tell Megan and Hernando's wedding story through images of love and people - the detail shots were left out. That and there are 60 images and there just wasn't any room left!! Enjoy...

Getting ready at Charm Plus, a favorite of mine!


Being a little vogue

I would have a loved a vogue pose here but Megan loves to smile and I just had to let Megan be Megan.

I'm diggin' the stance, Hernando!

Megan told me that she really loved the Grotto fountain and so I made sure to make it a central place in a few photos.

More play with the dress.

Some groom photos to help balance out the plethora of bride photos! And I know I said no detail shots for the blog, but the bow-tie required a solo. ;)

All of the family photos were done here. They turned out great but removing distracting background elements proved to be a full day's work (arg!) but I personally find the pillars become a little tired if used exclusively. (In this case it was just the most practical choice for all involved which I totally understand!)

And the ceremony is about to begin...

As a photographer, I think LIGHT. And the Quality Inn delivered Quality LIGHT!!!

Looking at these love-filled glances really reminds me of the emotions I felt on my wedding day.

Oh sure I could have showed The Kiss but this is just so much more priceless!

There's nothing more precious than the bonds between family and being able to capture it beautifully in a photograph.

Groomsmen hoisting the bride. It's so 2008 which is exactly why we had to bring it back! (but just because I said that PLEASE don't ask me for a JUMP shot! LOL)

Last bridal photo - I PROMISE

So in love. Work at it every day you two and keep it strong for always.


Cassie+Kurtis, Wedding

Cassie came to me a little over a month ago asking of course if I would photograph her winter wedding on Manitoulin Island. I won't lie, the initial feelings were "it's going to be cold, it might be wet, slushy and messy, it's quite a distance away..." - I was a little nervous to say the least. Weather is a big consideration to factor in if "exquisite" wedding portraits are to play a role in your wedding - which is the exact word Cassie had in mind for her winter fairytale wedding. A tall order to say the least, especially in a location I was completely unfamiliar with.

Cassie had sent me a link to her Pinterest page and shared some of pictures that she liked, most of them set around winter. They were all quite perfect examples of pictures when things are going your way. The pressure was on! Wanting to put a big smile on her face when I had arrived, I brought a long a big bundle of helium filled balloons since one of the pictures on her Pinterest board was of a balloon photo of the bride and groom and resembled the movie "Up". I suppose I've been away from Chemistry class for too long because they mostly deflated from the walk from the truck to her front door. How embarrassing!

It seemed like a rough start, but what would follow would be a perfectly relaxed day on the lot of Cassie and Kurtis shared by their close friends and family. We needn't jump into cars and go to this building or that building. The ceremony, the pictures and the dinner were in one place, making for an intimate and enjoyable gathering. Even the ceremony was composed of no more than about 10 people. It was a blistering cold day and fortunately there was plenty of time to warm up in between picture taking. But this little wedding was beautiful on all levels and has certainly changed my previously unfavorable impression of winter weddings for the better. And before you go ahead and view the pictures, a little warning in advance - with all of the time we had to use I did get a little carried away with pictures of just the bride. Once you see how photogenic Cassie is, you'll hardly be able to blame me. :)

I was just as confused at first too. Groom: left, Best Man: right (yup, twins!)

MUCH needed warm beverages in between shots. When you're the photographer, it hurts to turn down a warm Bailey's LOL

A standard wedding day portrait of bride & father. But wow, that winter background sure is an enhancement!!!

Walking into our winter fairytale backdrop which would ultimately provide countless amazing pictures!

Exploring the surroundings sometimes really pays off!

I love my job...

So ladies, if you're still planning your wedding and haven't picked a date yet, these are just pictures to keep in mind. :)

Taking off the jacket and showing off the details


Rebecca+Kevin, Wedding

New Year's Eve - what better way to bring in the new year than with all of your friend's and family. What better way to party than with a wedding! And what a cold one it was! It must have been -20, maybe -25. It hurt. More-so for our very brave Bridesmaids in of course their far from insulated but beautiful icy blue bridesmaid dresses.

Disclaimer, there are a lot of photos of just the bride here. I had a hard time deciding which photo of the bride to post, and I had so many favorites, that I simply posted all of my favorites.

The Blessing of the Rings


Meghan+Kris, Wedding