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The TLC FamilyYou may have not heard of us before, and rightly so. The TLC Photo name is fairly new. Its owner, Jon Carlson, has been photographing people and events since 2001 in his personal life. It was much later, in 2006, when he decided to go professional after demand for his talents began increasing. It's only until 2010 that the TLC name and brand was born. Our goal is to provide our customers with professional photographic results at a price that is feasable for those on a budget. We alo think it's important that when you invest in a photographer that you are walking away with more than just a CD with your digital negatives. The quality of our services is also matched by the products that come bundled with our packages and are processed by one of the finest printers in North America.

I am often asked what TLC stands for. Well... it represents a few things. First, it is meant to convey the approach and care I use towards my clients and their special memories. I want my clients to feel comfortable during their photo sessions. I am sensitive to the fact that not everybody likes being photographed. I am one of them! Second, TLC are the initials in my wife and son's names. My family is the most important thing to me. Also important to me is photography which is a passion I apply great care. I have many wonderful images of my children growing up, and it gives me great satisfaction in sharing this gift with people having like values.

TLC Photo is currently managed as a home business. We do not have an in-house studio which means we cannot offer some of the unique backgrounds like that of the competition. We are available to shoot at the location(s) of your choice and also provide in-home service. Our equipment is portable and we're able to setup studio at your site. Despite what limitations we have, we will do whatever we can to seek out the best surroundings to suit your valued portraits.

Also read: Our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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